The MRC circuit designed class AB push-pull amplifier Darlington using the TL072, a low noise JFET input op amp, as a preamp.  Line Cadogan pair of cylinder common-emitter amplifier, MRC design to portability, the push-pull amplifier input impedance will reduce the equivalent collector resistance of the driver amplifier. The gain of the driver amplifier which will significantly reduce its voltage gain, its voltage gain will also be significantly reduced. Thus a push-pull amplifier using Darlington transistor can be increased relative to its input impedance of the driving amplifier, to avoid substantially reduce the voltage gain. So we choose 2N2222/2N2907 metal package transistor as to promote.
Two diodes in the line transistor is biased at about 10 Ma, can drive the headphones you need to promote easily.  1% metal film resistors reduce circuit internal noise.  In order for better fidelity applications will use low-ESR capacitors improve the frequency response.  Of course, the volume associated volume potentiometer switch, has always been one of our main parts.


- Input Impedence: 10K Ohms unbalanced 
- Input: Audio in 3.5mm jack (left/right) x 1;
- Output: Headphone out 3.5mm jack (stereo) x 1; 
- 1 x volume knob included; 
- Operated by 9V battery (not included)
- Size: W51 X H21 X D74 mm (not knob)
- Casing Color: Black or Red
  • Item #: MRC DIY kit


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